An elegant and modern carport for Nordic conditions.

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A safe haven for your vehicle

An ultra-modern and sophisticated carport is finally here! Our brand is passionate about the environment, and our carport is built with only recyclable materials and is practically maintenance-free. Designed in cooperation with architects and designers, the carport boasts a modern and innovative Scandinavian style.

Our glass-façade solution offers a carport with natural light and good airflow. As a whole, the product provides the perfect balance between appearance and functionality and is quality-controlled by our partners and engineers.

Protects against storm and rain

Choosing and setting up a garage requires time, effort and money. Previously, there were not many good garage alternatives. We have the perfect solution! Our carport fits all types of houses, is affordable and easy to assemble. If you choose a carport with glass façades, your car is as safe as in a garage, summer and winter. If you want a carport without glass façades, the car will still be protected against snow and rain, and best of all, the car will be ice-free all winter long.

Keep your vehicle ice-free and clean

A carport keeps your vehicle ice-free so that you can avoid frozen fingers on cold winter mornings.

Our products

P-1000 Single Carport

P-2000 Dobbel Carport

We produce two different carport versions: a traditional carport without glass and a carport with glass façades. Both models are stylish and modern. The glass for our carports is delivered with 3 glass panels per field. A field is the distance between two columns. Our high-quality glass panels are manufactured with 8 mm tempered glass, super solid and safe in case of accidents or stormy weather.

The product is delivered as a kit and comes in solid aluminum profiles in anthracite/black. The roof is made of rubberized slats that make the ceiling both airtight and waterproof. The roof rails are integrated in the side beams with hidden drains in the corner posts. This is a particularly effective system.


The product can withstand winds up to hurricane force and a wind speed of 117 k/h.-


We have integrated gutters in the side beams and drains through the corner posts, effectively transporting rainfall down from the roof.


All profiles in the product are specially designed for Norwegian conditions. All attachment points are screwed with stainless steel nuts and bolts, ensuring a very sturdy and stable carport.


The product comes with a 5-year paint warranty. For more details, read the warranty terms on our website.

Assembly and Installation

No matter what carport you choose, the assembly is easy as 1-2-3. Instead of complicated user manuals, we offer a self-explanatory mounting video here on the website. The carport comes flat-packed with everything you need; no special skills or special tools are needed to mount the carport.

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